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Who We Are

Sorted Capital is a boutique private equity fund founded with the intention of acquiring, managing, and engaging in the disposition of commercial real estate properties.  Using an active management strategy, the Sponsor and Managers seek diversified assets that have the potential 15%+ IRR on invested capital. 


Sorted Capital aims to strike a balance between the investor that does not have the knowledge or time to invest in single properties however would like real estate exposure, and the investor that does not have access to large Institutional PREITS that often yield lower returns. 


Sorted Capital focuses on smaller transactions between $2-15 million where there is limited competition.  Assets in this price range are often overlooked since they require too much equity for smaller, regional players, but sit well below the minimum equity requirements of larger institutional owners.  Assets in this price range are often also undermanaged since local, less sophisticated owners may not realize, or have the means, to add value to the property and institutional investors are focused on larger assets.


The Managers and Sponsor skillfully find value and limit risk to bring investors superior returns.  Sorted Capital operates under full transparency, there are no hidden fees, investors know exactly where those fees go, how returns are achieved, the projected investment performance and their track record. 

Co-Investment – Sorted Capital’s Sponsor and Managers are committed to the return of capital.  We believe the best place to invest is with Sorted and that is why we co-invest in every fund.  This ensures our goals are aligned with our investors and instills confidence that the number one priority is the return of capital.

Meet The Team


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Kevin Serfass is the Managing Partner of Sorted Capital, LLC.  He is a founding partner of the firm.  Kevin plays a hands-on role in both sourcing, executing and overseeing the portfolio.  Kevin earned his B.S. degree in Construction Management from Drexel University. 


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Matthias Fenstermacher is a manager of Sorted Capital, LLC.  He is a founding partner of the firm.  Matthias maintains many industry relationships that are harnessed for sourcing and evaluating target investments.  Matthias attended Penn State University for Business Management. 


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David Serfass is a manager of Sorted Capital, LLC.  He is a founding partner of the firm.  As someone that has been evaluating the real estate market for the past 40+ years he advises the partners on general strategy.  David’s extensive relationships are tapped for fundraising and asset management. 


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